There is such a thing as a free lunch

And I'm going to get one if you guys can help me out. See I've got a little bet going, and I'll explain it all later, but this is what I need you to do.

Go here and click through all the fun photos in the gallery. Then keep clicking. And click some more. To make along story short, I need this gallery to have the most hits. Each photo counts as a separate hit so feel free to keep going through it.

My little bet ends at midnight Sunday so let's get to it people!

Oh, and thanks!


Shawn said...

Okay... I put in my time and you have to know I hate cute animal photos. Nude photos of Polly Shore might be less appealing, but not by a lot. I only clicked cause I love ya... The squirrel was pretty cute though.

Nancy said...

Hi Eileen - I clicked and it was well worth it-- thanks! Good luck with your bet.