Underrated: The Beatles

I know it's impossible to truly call any Beatles song underrated. Every note they've ever put to tape has been analyzed, scrutinized and worshipped to no end. Still, along the way some great songs have been overlooked in favor of the Can't Buy Me Loves and Strawberry Fields Forevers. So here are ten songs that I think deserve another listen. Put away those greatest hits and dust off the originals!

  • Please Mister Postman (With the Beatles, 1963) The only song on this list the Beatles didn't write, "Please Mister Postman" was originally a hit for the Marvolettes in 1961. The Beatles were never afraid to embrace a Motown song or change the gender of lyrics when necessary. The strain in John Lennon's voice makes you really feel his pain. Why oh why is the postman so mean?
  • This Boy (B-side to "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," 1963) This song had its greatest moment as the music to the Ringo moping scene in A Hard Day's Night. It never made it on the album, though. It's even more of the Beatles channeling Motown with a great jangling guitar and beautiful harmonies. Once again, it's John's anguish in the bridge that really makes it.
  • What You're Doing (Beatles For Sale, 1964) With a great rumbling drum intro and a guitar riff that sounds just like The Byrds, this song has all the necessary components of 60's pop. The awkward guitar solo can be overlooked.
  • I've Just Seen a Face (Help, 1965) Who didn't want to be Bob Dylan in 1965? Even Paul McCartney wanted to and it's evident in folkiest song The Beatles had done to date. I also really enjoy the pronounced "been/seen" rhyme that pops up all over the place.
  • I'm Looking Through You (Rubber Soul, 1965) Another catchy acoustic tune from Paul McCartney. This one has more anger than we're used to hear from the cute Beatle. Rubber Soul is filled with melancholy songs like "Norwegian Wood" and "Nowhere Man" and this one is easy to miss.
  • Rain (B-side to"Paperback Writer," 1966) "Rain" provided a sign of things to come as the Beatles grew more adventurous with their music. It's full of loud guitars and even a snippet of backwards tape. It's also just a great rock song, though, I think the tempo could have been a little faster.
  • For No One (Revolver, 1966) My favorite Beatles song that no one knows. Another of those sad songs from Paul. Revolver has been getting more respect as a great album over the years so maybe people are listening. The French horn solo alone makes it worth spending two minutes of your life on this song.
  • I Will (White Album, 1968) Another short but sweet song, this is one of the first tunes I ever learned to play on guitar. The sappy lyrics can be overlooked because they're not burdened with layers of ovewrought music, just Paul and a guitar.
  • It's All Too Much (Yellow Submarine, 1969) Who doesn't love handclaps? George Harrison gets a song on the list with a tune that combines his favorite mystical lyrics with some great guitars and horns. It plods along at times but it sounds like something Oasis could record at any moment.
  • I've Got a Feeling (Let It Be, 1970) This is another one of those duets that Paul kept trying to do with John as the band was falling apart. John's cheeky middle eight and Paul's Little Richard screams reminded us they could still rock.

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