How to waste time

I know the internet was supposed to be used for important academic purposes, but look at what we've done to it. It's filled with porn, useless blogs (like this one) and dozens of other stupid ways to pass the hours. Yeah, I think that's pretty awesome, too. So here are a few sites that can help you with the time wasting you so desperately need to accomplish.

www.fetchfido.co.uk - Want to find a mindless game to play on your computer? Here you go!

www.ipodlounge.com - Everything you need to know about your iPod and its available accessories. And lots of stuff you don't need to know. I little anal but very informative.

www.mnftiu.cc - Who knew clip art could be so funny? All the snarky politics and belly laughs you've come to expect from the author of Get Your War On.

www.craigslist.org - I know you've heard of Craig's List. Right? It's and handy guide to urban life and the "best of" section gets updated every month or so. That's my favorite part to read.

www.gladwell.com - A great archive of just about everything Malcolm Gladwell's ever written.

www.alienlovespredator.com - An Odd Couple style comic strip featuring everyone's favorite scary monsters.

www.snopes.com - You really should have already been reading this page. In case you aren't, though, it's a great clearinghouse for all those urban legends and chain emails that seem to follow us around.

www.rtm86.com - The personal web site of a teenage guy in Texas. Check it out just for the cool way he uses photos to make links.

www.nytimes.com - I love the New York Times! I try to read it online on Sundays just so I can check out the Weddings and Celebrations page. It's an ostentatious ode to conspicuous consumption. When you're done reading that go to the blog listed below.

www.nytimesweddings.blogspot.com - No one has more fun with the weddings page than this guy. Read and laugh, repeat.

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Trevor Record said...

Ah, get your war on is pretty funny, but I'm too lazy to keep up with US politics to enjoy it that much. So.... where are those awesome porn sites you were talking about?