H-E-double hockey sticks

I've been promising Jeff for ages that I will one day run a 5k. Well, that day it seems is tomorrow. There's a race called the Run Like Hell which goes through Walnut Hills Cemetery tomorrow night. Very spooky! Also, there's a party afterwards so it met all my basic criteria.

I sprained my ankle last week, though, so I haven't been able to get as much running in as I would have liked. I'm pretty confident I can go two miles but that third one might be a killer. It also looks like there's a hill at the end. So for me it might be the run like Hell for two miles then the endless walk up the big hill at the end. We'll see.

If this thing goes reasonably well, I'm hoping to doing a Thanksgiving 5k up in Milwaukee. Because nothing says welcome to the holidays like dragging your butt through the freezing cold streets of Mequon before eating some turkey.

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Blondie said...

How did the race go?