Remember my dear, they only want one thing. Maybe they want it more than once, but it's still only one thing.

I think every musician hopes to make timeless music. Sure, most pop music carries some of the hallmarks of the time in which it was made, but the best music doesn't get weighed down by a particular sound.

So what has struck me most about the soundtrack to the 1997 film A Life Less Ordinary is how much it sounds like a little time capsule of the late 90's. It's full of bands that were all the rage at the time, never to be heard from again. Remember Ash? How about Luscious Jackson or The Cardigans? The whole thing sounds like the height of hipness - for 1997.

A Life Less Ordinary is also my least favorite Danny Boyle movie. Ewan McGregor is its only saving grace. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Ewan is singing to himself as he gathers wood. The song he's singing ("Round Are Way" by Oasis) isn't even on the soundtrack. I had to dig it up at a record store in London instead.

So if you want to feel like it's 1997 all over again, this is great listening. To me it was more of a sociological experience than a musical one.

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