Short and sweet

I don't have much time tonight, so it's good that I drew a short album. Well, I wouldn't consider a full album, just a long EP. In fact, the title is actually the number of tracks. It's called 7 and it's by a little band called U2.

7 was one of those special promotional CD's Target releases to get you to come to their store. It worked. I don't remember it costing very much and it's actually a really nice collection of acoustic versions and dance remixes of songs from All That You Can't Leave Behind (but that's another day). I particularly enjoy the remix of "Elevation" (a tune I never liked much before) and Bono's ode to his pregnant wife "Big Girls Are Best."

I'm not going to wax poetic about U2 and their contributions to the worlds of music and politics. I'll leave that for other people. Let me just say that should you run across a copy of this album somewhere, it would be worth your while to pick it up.

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Trevor Record said...

Shucks, I ain't to big of a U2 fan.

In regards to the 24 hour party people (I liked that movie BTW!)..... it's really cool that they've got a buzzcocks song. Ever fallen in love (with some one you shouldnt've) is a great song.