Perhaps they overestimated

Declan's next album is the ambitiously titled 001 by Dovetail Joint. Were they planning on numbering all their albums and did they think they'd actually make it into triple digits? The world may never know. A perusal of their web site shows that aside from an EP released in 2002 this was the second and last album they've recorded.

Mr. Amazon says 001 was released on January 26, 1999. I can tell you that this was one CD I didn't rush out to buy. They had a minor radio hit with "Level on the Inside" and I think it wore me down enough to actually get the whole album. I think it might have been something I got when I joined a record club.

Anyway, this album has never registered much with me and it still hasn't. It has the glossy guitars that were so popular in post grunge rock. The kind of gloss that just slides right over you. It's not a terrible album, it's just kind of white bread. If they had the support of their label maybe Dovetail Joint coulda been a contender. It looks like that didn't happen, though.


KoldKadavr said...

Would you believe I love humanity? Even the French? HeeHee

Eileen said...

Uh, o.k.

Melissa said...

I like it...see, now your theme is coming in handy. You are musically educating the masses, while sharing a bit of yourself. Can't wait to see what else is in Declan.

I am liking the blogness of it all more and more...hotlinks, and photos. It is a digital journal/collage...and it is so instantaneous, the gratification of it all!

I think the mocha is kicking in. I best get to today's real work before the post-caffine-slump sets in. Stay tuned for pictures of my not-so-handy work!