Sad and Scottish

The Scottish band Travis has always been one of my basic sad and British building blocks. They really embody everything I love about melancholy Britpop. They're full of heartbreak tinged with anger and they look really cute with their bad haircuts and ill fitting clothes.

I remember picking up Declan's selection for the day, 12 Memories, at the Best Buy in Florence. Travis is one of those bands whose new album I'll just automatically buy. It's too bad then that I was underwhelmed by this album.

Mr. Amazon says 12 Memories was released October 14, 2003. Almost exactly two years ago today (Mr. Amazon also says this album is very popular at Minnesota Universities, hmmm...). This is their most recent album and by far their most political. They were very angry at George Bush and thought maybe a couple protest songs by wispy Scottish boys would change the world.

Mostly, though, it just made me angry. Hey, I agree with the guys, but bands really should stick to what they do best. Being angry at W. is not what Travis does best.

That said, I liked 12 Memories a lot more today than I ever remember liking it. It's still not their best work but I did put "Happy to Hang Around' on a mix CD. Maybe I don't notice the George Bush anger now that it seems to be everywhere.

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Trevor Record said...

My highschool romance had a Travis poster in my room. I never really listened to them much, but every time I was in there I would stare at the guy with the fauxhawk. It always sort of weirded me out.