I knew a girl extraordinary, suggested something unsanitary

We won our flag football game today! Our second win of the season. I think that's a new regular season record for us. We're unstoppable!

So between all that playing football and watching football (Notre Dame was robbed), I managed to listen to 1965 by the Afghan Whigs. Josh was going to sell this CD at a garage sale but I talked him into giving it to me instead. I'm glad I did because it's my favorite Whigs album and I still listen to it quite a bit.

If you live in Cincinnati, the Afghan Whigs loom large over the music scene. But when you consider that other popular bands from Cincinnati include 98 Degrees, Bessid Union of Souls and the Ass Ponys, you can see why. It's often mentioned that the Whigs were the first band signed to Sub Pop records who weren't from the Pacific Northwest. That must mean The 'Nati is just as cool as Seattle, right?

1965 was released on October 27, 1998 and was the Whigs' last album. It's a great swan song. It has just enough of that fucked up Greg Dulli sexiness to remind you who they are, but it seems like less of a one trick pony than their earlier work. We get it Greg, you have trouble with women, now get to rockin'.

I really think you could release 1965 today and it would do well. It would at least be an indie hit. The Afghan Whigs would be the next Arcade Fire.

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