You need a montage

Hey, remember way back in August when Josh started his blog? It was pretty sweet. Then in September he started posting a new photo of himself every day. I was an avid collector of this great art, but soon things trickled off. I've taken it upon myself to present this art in the way it was mean to be seen. I don't care if the project's not done, because I don't think it ever will be.

So I give you ten pictures of Josh. I think I missed a couple but this is what I have. Please enjoy and take a moment to contemplate the transient nature of life along with the befuddled faces of Josh.

As for my own project, there will be no album today because I am lazy. I promise there will be one tomorrow, though, because that's how I roll.

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Shawn said...

Maybe you can round out your collection of images with some of these...

Tell me it's not somewhat spooky. Somewhere between Gary of Weird Science and the Dead Zone dude is a New York artist known only as 'A Man Dying Slowly.'