You have dishonored Chairman Mao!

My mom ordered an iPod Nano for my dad's birthday. I'm in charge of tracking the order (because I love the FedEx web page) and I'm happy to announce that said Nano has been shipped from Shenzhen, China.

I'm unhappy to announce, however, that dad's iPod seems to be having trouble with customs.

The FedEx site says "regulatory agency clearance delay" and, yeah, I don't know what that means either. I like to imagine that some Red Army hardass is giving a poor FedEx courier a full cavity search right now.

Don't worry little Nano! Soon you will be in America, land of endless freedom and extremely small electronics.

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Trevor Record said...

The people's rebulic looks disfavorably upon the decadent gadgets of you capitalist fat-cats.

But, you know, they need you guys to buy their crap to support their economy.