Almost Blue

This afternoon I was telling Vondo how Thursday was going to be "the best Cinco de Mayo ever." I had the Elvis Costello concert to go to followed by drinks at the Crazy Fox. By the end of the night I'd finally have my iPod autographed and all would be right with the world.

Then Elvis' throat let me down.

Jeff came by with a copy of the paper announcing that the Elvis Costello is canceled due to a "throat ailment."

No Concert.
No iPod autograph.
And I have to go to work Thursday.

This sucks.

Jeff also pointed out that this mix of anger and disappointment is probably how Josh felt after dealing with U2 presale tickets. I had to agree.

After stewing about things for an hour or so, I started to look on the bright side. Elvis is playing in Dayton on July 29 (although it's in an amphitheater and I really don't like amphitheaters all that much) and word on the street is he's coming back to The 'Nati in August. That gives me two more chances for autographs.

I also ran across this lovely article from the Onion A.V. Club. It was wonderful timing and it helped me not hate the guy so much.

I'm still pissed off, though.


Summer said...

Bummer, but that's all the more reason to come to DC in July!

Anonymous said...

Once, many, many years ago, I had tickets to see Phil Collins at Pine Knob (anyone know where that is?), but he passed out drunk the night before in a chair near an air conditioner and it dried his throat out, so no show.
That crazy Phil Collins!

Eileen said...

That's probably what happened to Elvis (and yes I know Pine Knob, that's near Detroit).

Shawn said...

Hi Omar...