BYOM redux

Saturday is the next Bring the Music night at Crush. A lot of my friends will be out of town this weekend so we won't be able to singlehandedly take over the place like last time. The rest of Cincinnati is going to have to get with me on this.

I was going to bring some dance music on Saturday but I think, given the current circumstances, I'm going to provide a 15 minute homage to Elvis Costello instead. I can close my eyes and pretend I'm at a concert. I'll try not to cry into my fruity mixed drink.


Maggie said...

I think I'm going with some old-school New Order and Joy Division. Maybe some new MIA. And maybe Beach Boys, because "Wouldn't It Be Nice" always makes me happy.

Kelly said...

I'd love to go again! I think you can expect something more traditional frm me this time - like obscure late-'90s dance pop.

Dayna said...

Ah....a fruity mixed drink sounds really good right about now....and some Elvis Costello.