Don't call it a comeback

I went to the Kenton County library on Friday and took advantage of the wide variety of CD's in their collection. I have to say I was impressed by array of new music and indie artists available. I picked up the latest stuff from Interpol, The Bravery and Sondre Lerche as well as George Harrison's last album and a collection of The Faces greatest hits. It's the first two artists that have gotten me thinking, though.

When did the 80's become cool again?

Between Franz Ferdinand, The Kaiser Chiefs, The Bravery and Interpol it's like a new New Wave revolution out there. While all these bands aren't unpleasant, I'm not sure that they're adding much to the world of music. I mean people bitch endlessly about how derivative Oasis is but I haven't heard much criticism about these New York rockers with fake British accents who try to sound like Morrissey or Robert Smith.

And now leg warmers and ponchos are back in style.

And shirts off one shoulder.

And polos with the collars turned up.

If people start pegging their pants again, I'm going to move to a cave and not come out until it's all over.


In other 80's flashback news, I saw the new Star Wars movie on Friday and really loved it. It might be because I had pretty low expectations for it but it was really great to see a little of the sparkle and camp that the original films had. The acting was MUCH better than Attack of the Clones. Plus, Yoda rocked.


Shawn said...

I bought a Sondre Lerche CD a couple of years ago because I thought it would make me cool... but then I didn't like it and it made me feel dumb.

You're lucky that you were cool already, so that shit doesn't happen to you.

As for the 80s coming back... now I now why you're growing your hair. You want it to be big...

melissa said...

So exited that I know someone cool enough to have their own BLOG.

You are right about the 80's...I think what happens is that when people's children are small they want to dress them how they did. In that case pegged pants and cavarreci (sp?) pants are right around the corner.

The worst part is that it somehow seems cuter and cooler the second time around. My niece rocks in her pink poncho!

I wish I was having some deep thoughts right now. I have not achieved full caffination. I have been thinking about the Manic Monday song...was that released in the 80's?

It's true though, I wish it was Sunday.