Four Eyes

So I made it back from Milwaukee in one piece! I got to see my parents and hang out with that crazy cowboy I call my friend, Shawn. We went to this bar downtown called The Newsroom. It was fun but they had this strange preserved cat in a big wooden box above the bar. Then we saw a coffee mug with the same image. I had to have it.

Turns out, though, that they used to sell the mugs but they don't anymore. The one on the bar was the last mug. Shawn did his best to try and talk them out of it but they weren't giving it up. Too bad because it would have been a great addition to my collection.


So while I was in Milwaukee I mentioned to my mom that I've never had an eye exam. Her motherly instincts told her that such a situation had to be impossible, that surely she has taken me to the eye doctor at some point.

She has not.

So she called and got me an appointment in Milwaukee. It turns out that I am slightly farsighted (I can't see things close up) and have astigmatism in my left eye. In a few days my very own pair of glasses will be heading my way for me to wear while driving at night and any time my eyes feel tired. It's a family trait that I've been able to put off for 15 years longer than anyone else so I guess it was inevitable. I'll put a picture up of me in my new glasses so you guys can all point and laugh.

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