Sad and British?

People are always confused about the name of my blog. When I tell them it describes my taste in music, they are often still confused. To clear things up, here's a handy guide to bands I enjoy and how they fit into my self-concocted musical matrix:

Sad & British*
David Gray
Belle & Sebastian
Damien Rice
The Smiths

Sad but not British
Bright Eyes
Counting Crows
The Postal Service
Michael Penn
Arcade Fire
Dashboard Confessional (does it get any sadder?)

British but not necessarily sad
Elvis Costello
Billy Bragg
Franz Ferdinand

Sad & Canadian
The Weakerthans

See, it's pretty simple. Of course I like bands that don't fall into any of these categories but you'd be surprised by how much of my iPod is taken up by groups like these.

*By "British" I am referring to residents of and persons originally from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. I know this can be controversial during this era of devolution but it's my matrix so I make the rules!

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