I'm not as cool as iTunes

I've been putting together my much anticipated summer mix CD and I was very excited to include the new Gorillaz single, "Feel Good, Inc." I was sure that not nearly enough people had heard it. Oh, but Apple took care of that one for me.

As I was skipping through commercials last week (I have Tivo, you can do that) I saw a new iTunes commercial. I stopped to hear what song was playing and it was none other than the aforementioned Gorillaz single. So now by the time I finish my mix the world will be sick and tired of "Feel Good Inc." I'll look like someone who can't find good music unless it's constantly barraged at me in 30 second snippets.

It's a chance I'm willing to take. I was always surprised that I never tired of hearing 30 seconds of Vertigo over and over again when they were hocking the U2 iPod. And that add for the Shuffle makes me stop and dance every time. So I'm hoping the Gorillaz song will be able to hold up, too. I guess I'll find out shortly.

STRANGE COINCIDENCE ALERT! - As I was typing this, I was listening to my iPod on random and "Feel Good Inc." just started playing. So out of the 8,303 songs on my iPod it knew to play this one. I swear this thing has mind of it's own.


On a side note, my blogging might be a little sporadic over the next few days. I'm heading to Milwaukee to see my folks and hang out with my friend Shawn so I won't have much time to post stuff. I am hoping to make my first audio blog posts during this trip so keep an eye out for that.

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Carrie G said...

I will totally attest to the fact that you were going to put it on your mix CD before Apple stole it. Hee.