It's official I'm a pimp, 'cause my name glows

Everything I know about hip hop I learned from a white boy from North Dakota. I had almost no interest in rap before I met Josh (although I did buy a Young MC album in middle school). Slowly, he gave me a few things to listen to and after a couple years, even if I didn't like everything I heard, I could at least appreciate it.

So to honor the northern roots of my hip hop appreciation, I listened to Josh's 2002 mix CD, Are You Ready?, whilst ice skating in beautiful downtown Lawrenceburg, Indiana tonight (just don't ask Josh to ice skating at Rockefeller Center with you because he won't - even if you offer to pay).

The skating was the best we've had in awhile and the hip hop tracks were a nice accompaniment. Even the little kid that asked me what kind of iPod I had seemed impressed. I let Jeff listen to part of "Numb" by U2. Everyone was having fun.

Are You Ready? is my second favorite Josh mix CD. I especially love "Young Boy" by Clipse even though it scares a lot of people. Then again, that's probably why I like it.

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Josh said...

Wow, dude. You are the best friend in the world. It is a great mix, though.