You've come to love me lightly

I've had a subscription to Rolling Stone since I was 13. When my current subscription expires in 2007, I'm going to look into getting a lifetime plan. They're not very expensive ($100?) and I like the idea of receiving the newest issue of Rolling Stone when I'm in a nursing home. All the old men will be my friend when there's some hot chick on the cover.

I think the magazine I've had a subscription to the second longest is Jane. I started reading it in college and the $10 a year fee is a small price to pay for a few chuckles. It won't change your life but it's a fun spin on all those How To Win A Man Cosmo type mags. The vaunted Jane of the title just left, though, so I'll get back to you on that.

Every once in awhile Jane falls in love with a musical act. They have a mention of them in every issue and they make them sound like the coolest kids in school. For a while it was the White Stripes (before everyone else had heard of them, of course) and then for a brief period it was the girl hip hop group Northern State. A couple years ago, Jane went bananas over Interpol.

Now my usual reaction to all this fawning is to do everything to avoid the group that they're all excited about. If I give in and check them out, I feel like an ignorant Midwesterner who is listening to the band "that's all the rage in New York." Well, New York, I don't need you. I have Bright Eyes!

And that's how I choose to ignore the White Stripes longer than maybe I should have. It's also why I didn't get my first Interpol album, Antics, until this summer (it was released September 28, 2004 according to Mr. Amazon).

Surprisingly, I feel similar about both groups. They do good music, but I'm not sure it's for me. Antics has some nice moments, especially the song "Evil", and I listen to it more than anything by the White Stripes. But honestly, New York, I'm not sure what the fuss is all about. You should check out this band called Bright Eyes . . .


I think this is album number 43 I've listened to so far and if everything goes as planned I will officially be done with the letter A by next Friday. To celebrate that milestone and welcome letter B, I'm having a party. There will be B themed drinks (like beer and bourbon) and maybe some bruschetta. Anyway, I need some help.

I'd really like to get a video of the Sesame Street beetles singing their famous song "Letter B" to show at my party. If anyone out there in internet land can dig that up for me, I'll be eternally grateful. Email me if you have any leads.

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