Stretched out on the tarmac six miles south of North Platte

Andrew Bird has a lot to say. He likes to try and fit it all into one song, too.

Hey, I'm totally one for lots and lots of lyrics, but sometimes Andrew Bird and the Mysterious Production of Eggs bombards me with so many words that I feel a little beat up. It's exhausting - and fun.

Andrew Bird's album was on a lot of people's top ten lists last year. When I found it at the library last week, I had to hear what all the fuss was about (he's another guy who played at the Southgate House last year that I missed. The list is endless). On first impression, I was overwhelmed by all the words. But on a second listen I'm really starting to like it. I might even have to make room on my own top ten list.


ae said...

Did you see Coltrane Motion is playing downtown on Saturday? Do you have to work then too? How about I feign a sudden illness, and you can "rush me to the hospital."

Eileen said...

Where are they playing? I really have to get off this whole "working Saturdays" thing. It's a bummer.

ae said...

Cooper's on Main. I actually had a dream last night about seeing them and they were awful, if that helps.