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2006 has been good for me so far and I hope it's been good for you. I've read more than one story about how 2005 really did kind of suck and I have to agree. It might be one of those years that we look back on with a cringe. Well, at least it's over.

My first sign that 2006 will bring good things was today's album from Declan. At first, American Pie: Music From the Motion Picture might sound like a dud, but it's really very good. This is not really the season for it (it's the perfect goin' to the beach album) but I had fun dancing around the house and listening to it (while I imagined I was goin' to the beach).

The soundtrack is filled with great tracks by bands that I would probably never buy a whole album from but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy one of their songs. My friend Jeff points out that while "Laid" by James was featured prominently in the trailers for the movie it is absent from the soundtrack. Sad but true. Don't worry, Jeff, there's a catchy little Goldfinger song on there for you instead!


I'm late posting this because I just got back from seeing The Producers. I saw it mostly because I wanted to go to the movies but didn't want to see anything sad. This time of year that can be difficult but I just didn't have the energy for Munich.

Anyway, The Producers was great! It was way more fun than I imagined and I liked it a lot more than the original (which I saw for the first time last week). I'm a big fan of Nathan Lane so that helps. Just go see it, you'll have fun.

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Melissa said...

Whew! Maybe I will have to see the producers. The family stone is not as uplifting as the trailers make it seem. What a bummer, to go expecting to laugh and instead end up crying. DAMN! I hate it when that happens.

and the new earphones look cool!