Vampires make me sleepy

When I was in New York in early November, Josh's girlfriend gave me a book to read. She said it was her favorite book of the year and she had an extra copy. It's The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova and I've been hearing a lot about it lately. At 656 pages, though, it's not something I could get through in a couple days.

Plus, vampires make me sleepy.

Seriously, I've fallen asleep in the middle of every vampire movie I've ever seen (and I never fall asleep during movies). I could only read about 15 pages of The Historian every night before I found myself passed out and drooling all over the book.

Things picked up nicely in the end and I'm proud to say that, two months later, I am finally done. It's been strange taking so long to read a book (I usually get through one every week) but I have to say it was a nice story. I just wish it didn't make me so tired.


It's just a couple of hours until the Bengals kick off their first playoff game in 15 years. Earlier in the week I had no hope that they would beat the Steelers today, but as the game nears I can feel the hope starting to bubble through me. Maybe they can do it. Maybe they can keep the magic alive. The whole town has gone crazy for the team and it's been really fun to see. I'd hate for that to be over.

I guess that's why they play the game.


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I know, for awhile there I'd forgotten why he wasn't starting for another team.

And then came the second half...