She drank beer with Coca-Cola

I've spent the day getting ready for my Letter B party and listening to my very last A album, Awake is the New Sleep by Ben Lee. It's nice but I think it's a little too cute sometimes. Do yourself a favor, though, and buy "Catch My Disease" from iTunes. It's a great song and it stands out far ahead of anything else on the album.

Must go party. On to the B's!


Josh said...

"Catch My Disease" IS an excellent song. They were playing that shit on the radio all last summer while I was in seclusion. Hooray for the Upper Great Plains and its secret hipness, which aligns perfectly with its excellent taste.

Melissa said...

He's alive!

Hooray for your B party. I can't wait. Have you calculated the extent of this great expiriment? How long will your music selection keep you blogging for?