Some people say love is blind, but I think that's just a bit short-sighted

Perhaps no music in my collection is more British (but not necessarily sad) than Billy Bragg. I LOVE the guy, but it would probably never work out between us.

See, I adore all his funny, awkward love songs but I'm probably not socialist enough for him. It would lead to all kinds of exhausting political discussions and that is about my least favorite thing on the planet. So I'll just have to continue being a fan who often skips over the protest songs. Sorry, Bill.

Back To Basics is actually a collection of early albums and EP's that have been thrown together to create a 21 track musical collage of loveliness. Like funny love songs? There are some great ones here ("A New England", "The Saturday Boy"). What about some fits pumping tunes for all you Reds? Oh yeah ("Which Side Are You On?", "The World Turned Upside Down"). Overall, I always recommend Back To Basics as a great intro to Billy Bragg. So if you're curious about this guy with the crazy accent whom I love so much, go spend some money and buy this album. It'll at least be good for a laugh or two.

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