Off to the flicks with the piddle in her nicks

This is my 200th blog post! Yes, I know you are awed by my incredible blogging powers. I sure am. But alas, we must move on if I am ever to make it to my 201st post.

Declan's selection today is the last album by Wings, 1979's Back To The Egg. The whole thing is kind of a mess, but that doesn't mean I don't like it. I mean I remember listening to it a lot in high school - most of the songs reminded me of my bathroom in Michigan for some reason. But I have acquired a certain tolerance for McCartney's 1970's inanity. After years of subjecting myself to Wings albums, I've grown immune to insipid lyrics and overblown power chords, so I don't recommend Back To The Egg to the less experienced.

As I was looking up info on the info, I ran across this 1979 review from Rolling Stone. It's one of the meanest I've ever seen:

In keeping with the fractured nature of Back to the Egg, I offer the reader a multiple-choice ending to this review, with the suggestion that he or she consider combining all of the following:

(A) This album is nothing more than a slipshod demo by an aimless band. If it had arrived unsolicited in the offices of Columbia, it would have been returned in the next mail with a terse "No thank you."

(B) I can think of few other prominent rock musicians who'd have signed their names to this kind of drivel. McCartney's gross indulgence is matched only by his shameless indolence, and Back to the Egg represents the public disintegration of a consistently disappointing talent.

(C) Paul McCartney (how does this man sleep?) has been plagiarizing his own material for years now, and he's finally run out of recycled ideas. With a few key word changes, the lyrics that began this piece could end it on an appropriately grim autobiographical note.

I don't think Back To The Egg
is that bad, but I can imagine the frustrations after years of so many bad albums. Let's see McCartney got busted for pot in 1980, which lead to the breakup of Wings. His 80's solo career gave us such solo hits as Press To Play. I guess it doesn't get much better. At least there was "Say Say Say."

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