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I know I was a little harsh on Teenage Fanclub when I listened to A Catholic Education and I feel bad about that. It's just that everyone has spent years telling me that I should love Teenage Fanclub but I just don't. There's a certain style of airy British pop that I've never really liked. It's the same reason I was never a big Stone Roses fan.

I can see how I might like Teenage Fanclub in today's album, 1991's Bandwagonesque. It has more of the guitar hooks and harmonies that I love so. The lyrics are nice, but all the tunes are these mid-tempo ballads. Nothing really takes off so once again I'm left with the feeling that I really, really want to like this band - I just can't.

At least I don't hate them anymore.

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Anonymous said...

You need "Songs from Northern Britain."

It'll change your outlook on Teenage Fanclub completely.