They're trying hard to put me in my place and that is why I've gotta keep running

I've been a little behind in blogging lately so I thought I'd take the next two albums on Declan together. I decided to do it before I even saw what they were, but it doesn't hurt that they're a pretty good match. First is Be Here Now by Oasis, followed by Beatles For Sale by the band that Oasis always wished they were. How nice.

I have to tell you that I have tickets to see Oasis when they come through Cincinnati in March. I've never seen them in concert before and while it feels like I kind of missed the boat, I had to see them for nostalgia's sake. C'mon they're going to playing right down the street!

I'll be a happy camper if they dust off some of the tunes from Be Here Now. It's probably my favorite Oasis studio album. It was mildly popular but not nearly as overplayed as their earlier albums. Plus, I bought it right before I spent a semester in London during college. It reminds me of all the excitement leading up to that. And it reminds me of London. Not too shabby.

Oasis never really strived to be the Beatles from Beatles For Sale. They're a little too clean cut on this 1964 album. A lot of it sounds like filler but I still enjoy their cover of Buddy Holly's "Words of Love." If you only had money for one Beatles' album, I wouldn't recommend this one. In fact, if you only had money for five Beatles' albums I'm still not sure this makes the cut. Need six albums, though? Then I have the CD for you.


J-Will said...

Noel said that he wrote "Be Here Now" in something like two weeks (probably on a drug-fueled binge).

There are several great tracks on this album, but lots and lots of filler. Still, I never get tired of "Don't Go Away," Noel's best attempt at writing meaningful lyrics. The song also had that great video based on a Rene Magritte painting. Other highlights include "Stand By Me," "D'you know what I mean," and "All Around the World," though the latter seems a bit overblown now. But I think "overblown" was the keyword for Oasis on this album. And don't forget Johnny Depp playing slide guitar on one of the tracks! (though for the life of me, I can't remember which one).

Interesting that you like this Oasis album best. I find that "Morning Glory" and especially "Definitely Maybe" hold up much better as complete albums.

I saw Oasis live during the "Be Here Now" era. It will be interesting to see in March what they're like now and what Gem Archer and the other new guy bring to the band.

Eileen said...

I think it's my favorite album because of the filler. It's just such high quality. "The Girl in the Dirty Shirt" and "I Hope, I Think, I Know" are great songs in their own right.

I do agree with you on "All Around The World" being overblown. Have you noticed it's an AT&T commercial now? That's probably a fitting end.

Summer said...

I saw Oasis at the Austin City Music Hall in early 1996... It was a great show except for one memorable thing... they played Champagne Supernova REALLY REALLY fast which totally devastated my friend Heather. I think she's still upset about it, 10 years later. Now when I hear that song, I sing it like they did that night. I still hate it fast.